Looking for a new place? Try one of China’s ghost-cities in Angola!

4 Jul

China recently built a city in Angola. Unfortunately, the  $3.2billion, 12,000+ acre, 750 building complex remains virtually empty, except for the school – which has children bussed in.


After driving around for nearly 15 minutes and seeing no-one apart from Chinese labourers, many of whom appear to live in containers next to the site, I came across a tiny pocket of life at a school.

It opened six months ago, bussing in its pupils in from outlying areas because there are no children living on site to attend. One student, a 17-year-old called Sebastiao Antonio – who spends nearly three hours a day in traffic getting to and from classes from his home 15km away – told me how much he liked the city.

“I really like this place – it’s got car parking, places for us to have games like football, basketball and handball,” he said.

“It’s very quiet, much calmer than the other city, there’s no criminality.”

The BBC article on the complex (full version here)  cites a real estate agent for the project, who claims that the apartments are empty because of difficulties in the mortgage market.

H/T BoingBoing


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