Quote of the Week

18 May

“So today we say to American business: Invest in Burma”

That was Secretary of State Clinton on Thursday announcing a “freeze” of US sanctions on doing business in Burma. Barely a month after Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and a few handfuls of her NLD associates took seats in Burma’s sham Parliament the doors are pretty much wide open. While opening Burma for business may be the way to go in relieving some of the country’s myriad of issues (human rights violations, ultra-poverty, statelessness, war, etc.), the degree of enthusiasm on the part of the Obama administration (see the State of the Union) as well as the rest of the international community to open their arms to a government that is still engaging in a war against its own peoples is a little worrying. Maybe give the government a year? Encourage some actual constitutional reforms? Still, its a remarkable transition. Hopefully Burma keeps things going well into the 2015 elections (which are still subject to the highly undemocratic 2008 constitution).


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