You had me at Kathman-Jew

31 Mar

The link on BBC reading “Kathman-Jew” was clearly a must click. Here is an except:

“And behind the counter are the slicers, princes of the church of lox. Among them is Sherpa.

“How much would you like?” he asks, wielding the slicing-knife as an artist wields his brush, turning smoked salmon into pale pink, paper-thin slices of paradise.

Sherpa Lox slices a side of smoked salmon
Sherpa Lox from Nepal now feels completely at home in New York

“It takes at least 10 years to become a great slicer,” he adds.

It is a long way from the eastern Himalayas to the peaks of fine slicing. And Sherpa did once climb to within six hours of Everest’s peak…”

Full article here. Its actually a pretty bad story, but you have to give the editor credit for the title to link on the site, which is maddeningly not the actual article title!


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