Bangkok Nazi Chic

23 Mar

I sure hope this title doesn’t wind up getting me some terrible web-traffic.


In Bangkok, and probably in lots of places, Nazi Chic is very in. I am not confusing this trend with the Indian Swastika, which is also very popular and just so happens to be on the wrong side of designer history. Go into any Thai mall and you will be bombarded with hipster-thin boys and girls with blue and red hair wearing T-shirts with a McDonald-Hitler, Teletubbie-Hitler, Hitler/Upside-down-Chaplin, and the less popular Swastika…

Yesterday I went in search of a store specializing in all things Nazi. I was told I could find it in the newest mall, Terminal 21, which is also the peak of crazy-Thai-mall design (pictures to follow).Unfortunately/thankfully, by the time I had gotten there, the store had taken down most of its Nazi merchandise.The reason is probably this article and the series of complaints by foreigners who are less than thrilled to see Hitler’s likeness infantilized (I am personally of the opinion the he would not be too thrilled to see his image in a purple stuffed children’s character, but I get the opinion of those who would rather not see Hitler images at all). I’m not going to post the whole article, which is definitely worth a read, but I will provide this choice quote from the store-owner/designer:

“It’s not that I like Hitler,” Hut insists. “But he looks funny and the shirts are very popular with young people.”

Anyhow, I thought this was worth sharing, and I’ll post pictures of the crazy-mall later.


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