Bad Aid

23 Mar

Considering that March 2012, seems to be Bad Aid Month, here’s a non-Kony2012 article worth a look. 

7 Worst International Aid Ideas (full article here)


Sometimes bad aid is just the consequence of someone caring too much, but knowing too little. Other times it’s people who should have known better not being diligent in considering the consequences of their actions. And sometimes politicians and unscrupulous businessmen are simply manipulating the suffering of others for their own ends. When it’s benign or thwarted, it’s easy enough to laugh it off. But when a bad idea is carried through, the results can be diabolical.

Among the 7 Worst Aid Ideas: 1,000,000 Free T Shirts, Making aid recipients buy American, and the always funny until you think about it, Machine-Gun Preacher.


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