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3 Mar

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  • Feeling underpaid? Reading this will help. Longest strike in Burma’s recent history goes to labor arbitration court. Workers asking for a raise from $.08/hr to $.16/hr and monthly bonus increase from $7.50 to $10.00. Court rules in partial favor of the striking workers, stating that the minimum wage (excluding bonuses) is $63.80 per month. To put that number in context, it is what Mitt Romney makes in 1 minute and 32 seconds and about what I made each week as a 12 years old dishwasher at a pizza place for 3hrs a night 3 nights a week.
    • This marks the first semi-legal strike in Burma since 1962.
    • Not only did police stay out of this one, but the courts facilitated a negotiation that seems relatively rational and even-handed!
    • If the numbers (8 CENTS AN HOUR!!!) seem jarring, and they should, they aren’t necessarily the owners fault. Low wages happen, especially when there is little market competition and high unemployment. Maybe its time to remove sanctions? Then again, maybe not.
    • Semi related: World Bank reports that the number of people living in ultra-poverty declined between 2005-2008!
  • Terrible fire devastates Umphiem refugee camp. Donations needed!

Bell Labs: 1 article, but worth its own category for alliterative purposes

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