The Great Cambodian Beer Tour!

21 Dec

A few weeks back I made a trip to Ankor Wat, and while a massive complex of 800 year old jungle-entwined temples is pretty neat stuff, I have more sophisticated interest:


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Overall, the macro-Cambodian beers are pretty shitty. I would rank them from Nati-Light to Dos Equis, with one pleasant though not in any way exciting outlier.

More (slightly more) detailed reviews after the jump

  • Kingdom Dark Lager: A little metalic. No malt flavor. Pours like coke. (C-)
  • Cambodia Lager “premium quality”: Light crispness and pretty bitter. It is a less sweet Chang (C-)
  • Bayon Pilsner: Changy (C-)
  • Kingdom Pils: Pretty flavorful. Definitely hints of citrus. (B-)
  • Phnom Phen: Mostly harmless. Maybe the least flavored of the group, but not a bad thing. (C)
  • Ankor: Eh… (C-)-
  • Ankor Stout: Pretty decent! Definitely some caramel/coffee hints, though nothing too strong. (B)

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