Should the Nobel Committee Endorse Political Candidates?

9 Oct

On October 7th, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three women, one of whom, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, faces reelection on October 11th.

The elections in Liberia, less than ten years out of civil-war, are viewed by many as a test of strength for the new democracy.

So does giving international credence to the current president throw the election? Seems like it would. Even if Sirleaf was going to win regardless of the Nobel, it certainly wont make the defeat of her opponent, Winston Tubman, go down any easier with his fans. In a fledgling democracy it doesn’t sound like giving the losing side in an election any excuse to call foul, such as the sudden international endorsement as voiced by the Nobel, is a good idea.

Unlike the US, where international endorsement, e.g. a Nobel Peace Prize, is viewed as something of a disgrace, in Liberia its weight has the potential to jeopardize already fragile elections, and thereby, the peace in a country that has spent more time in civil war than peace in the last twenty years.

So get your shit together Nobel committee. First Obama, now this. The Chinese Nobel is starting to look better and better.

Still, congratulations to the three winners!


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