Watching 16 and Pregnant Wont Make You Pregnant

2 Oct

Well, actually it might.

But, it does make Americans more likely to support abortion rights…at least according to one study.

From this SLATE article:

The study found that people who are friends with someone who’s had an abortion or who have watched a marathon session of Teen Mom are more supportive of abortion being legal in all or most cases…

Once you frame the abortion issue in the context of a specific woman’s circumstances, whether she’s a personal acquaintance or someone on TV, PRRI found that opinion tends to favor abortion rights…

For all the pro-choicers out there who are still complain that the fecund high schoolers of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom glamorize teen pregnancy -you should stop complaining. The elevation of the stars these shows might help abortion remain legal for future generations.



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