How to assist in South Sudan’s economic development?

17 Sep

Get wasted.

From The Guardian:

Beer Could Provide Lifeline for South Sudan’s Small Farmers

In South Sudan, Southern Sudan Beverages Limited (SSBL), not just the only brewery but the only industry in the new country…

Yekisuk, 39, is training fellow farmers to grow cassava in a project funded by the Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund (AECF), which provides grants and interest-free loans to businesses in Africa and whose backers include the UK Department for International Development (DfID).

It can be seen as a test case as to whether small farmers can hook up with the private sector to drive development. Boosting food security for small farmers and enabling them to sell their surplus is seen a cornerstone of efforts to avoid a repeat of the food crisis currently affecting the Horn of Africa.

One of the biggest challenges for small farmers and policymakers is to develop markets for drought-tolerant crops such as cassava and sorghum. There is little incentive for them to do so unless they can find buyers prepared to pay a good price…

So raise a pint for the newest nation…and hope it doesn’t succumb to Belgian disease…


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