Game Show of the Week!

6 Sep

Great chocolate, great beer and now….greatest game-show ever. That’s right, the Dutch have done it again.

From this Slate article:

The latest sensation on Dutch TV is a quiz show featuring five young refugees who compete to prove their attachment to the Netherlands by answering questions about tulips and bikes, identifying corny local pop tunes and carving an outline of the country’s map from a slice of Gouda cheese.

The winner gets a plastic suitcase containing 4,000 euros ($5,680) to take with them when they are expelled.

Needless to say we can only hope the American networks follow suit. They could build a set right over the Mexican-American border. Pull over Coyote vans and ask the occupants who Plaxico Burress plays for, what the state pastry of Texas is and how many VMAs Katie Perry has won (Jets, Sopaipilla and Strudel…not sure why they have two, and I don’t know how many). The winner gets $3K and a first class ticket on the next flight back to the country they fled. Everyone else gets 30-90 days at a detention center before a crueler deportation. Maybe Regis could host?

One interesting note, the article in Slate highlights some interesting positive opinions of the show that should certainly be heard, if not agreed with:

Although the show’s deliberate bad taste has provoked outrage, supporters, who include refugee rights groups, say the shock tactics are an effective way of raising public awareness and provoking debate on the issue.

“Of course it’s terrible, but it is also very smart,” said Janneke Bruil, from the Foundation for Refugee Students, which helped find contestants for the show.

“When you watch this show it hits you right into your heart. You can’t help but think that something is wrong. It’s a game, but at the same time these people are going to be sent off on a plane, and it’s their life. You have to ask ‘what is going on here?'”


Blessing fled Cameroon when she was 15 and is now about to complete her Aviation Engineering degree at the Hogeschool Amsterdam University, but has had her residency revoked and risks deportation. She defends the show’s unconventional approach.

“There have been so many serious shows about this subject, so many very sad interviews,” she told GlobalPost in a telephone interview. “It’s a serious issue, but by treating it in a funny way we can do something different from what people are already used to and get more attention. We wanted to show that we are not pathetic people, we are just normal, that’s why we took a fun approach.”

Presumably there is a slightly less abhorrent way to highlight the plight of the displaced in Europe…or maybe I’m just angry the show isn’t on Netflix Instant yet.


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