FP’s Failed State Index

10 Jul

Foreign Policy Released it’s 2011 Failed State Index last month and came to some interesting conclusions about the year ahead:

Africa’s promise and peril are likely to figure prominently again this year, with 27 African countries scheduled to hold presidential, legislative, or local elections throughout 2011. As much as elections can contribute to democratic progress, they are often a flashpoint for conflict — conflicts that invariably send already fragile states back up the ranks of the index…

It’s certainly debatable whether lists like this are very helpful. Sure we can all agree that Somalia is probably the most fucked of countries (country is a stretch)…But I’m not convinced that Nepal is more ‘failed’ than Eritrea. Still, the trends taken by the lists throughout the years are pretty interesting. It would be great if someone tested whether the movements on the lists are predictive of the future.

Check out the Index and accompanying articles here.



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