Into the Mind of T. Gilliam

21 Jun

NYMagazine did a great, albeit brief, interview with Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python, Brazil, Time Bandits…Etc.) that gives some insight into the zany-brain of the most plagued living filmmakers.

Green Lantern cost, what, $150 million to make?
It’s almost, if you go beyond 20 [million], as soon as you get way up into the bigger numbers, they’re gambling now on either red or black. And wouldn’t it be nice if Green Lantern is a big flop? Will it be the new Cleopatra? Are the reviews good? Are they spending a fortune promoting it? Admittedly you can spend a fortune, I won’t name names, and still the film will do huge business even if it’s a bad movie. But you can’t do that too often. I guess the other green, The Green Hornet, didn’t work either. So it’s not the time for the greens! Green is not working. And there’s probably somebody in Hollywood who’s going, “Green: wrong color.” [Laughs.]

Full interview HERE.

Sorry for posting two film links in a row…


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