Burma Related

2 Apr

1. Thein Sein Call for Clean Government!

In an address to his newly formed government on Thursday, Burma’s new president, ex-Gen Thein Sein, called for cooperation in fighting corruption and urged the country’s authorities to respect the rights of citizens.

“The most important task of the new administration is to work together to create good governance and clean government,” Thein Sein was reported as saying by The New Light of Myanmar, a state-run newspaper.

This is kind of like Hu Jintao calling for an end to censorship in China. Or Putin berating Russians for their love of brutishly handsome steely-eyed dictatorial tsars.

2. China Tells International Community to Stop Hatin’ on Burma Govt.

China has praised Burma’s new government for promoting democracy.  Beijing denounced other countries for criticizing its close neighbor’s new administration, which was sworn in this week.

(see 1. for comical descriptions of similar hypocrisy.)

3. 7.0 Earthquake Devesates Shan Region.

The quake has killed at least 150 people and displaced thousands. If I can find a good organization taking donations I will post it as soon as I can. Unfortunately, Burma’s track reccord with allowing foreign aid organizations to assist after national disasters is poor (euphamism for Fucking-Stupid/Terrible/Dasterdly/Hateful/Mugabe-esque).


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