Video of the Week: The wonderfully entertaining, if scary and ambiguously damaging world of Wikileaks, as told by BoingBoing in 3 minutes.

10 Dec

Side note: The Wall Street Journal reported today on a cable concerning the tenuous relationship between China and Myanmar, which in many ways parallels what was revealed about the Chinese/N.Korean relationship.

The cables run counter to a view held by some Myanmar exiles and dissidents that China and Myanmar are on the same page in opposition to the U.S. and other Western governments, which have imposed tough sanctions on Myanmar’s junta following years of reports of human-rights and other abuses.

I don’t know how revealing this really is, but it certainly makes pre-judging China’s economic determinism in a negative light a bit difficult. The U.S. sanctions and sanctions. China invests and invests. Now, China holds both the carrot (continued/growing investment in Myanmar) and the stick (trade restrictions of its own, which would cripple Myanmar) when it comes to Myanmar-World relations. Meanwhile the U.S. and friends have little left in their arsenal, with sanctions failing and UN action (ha) impossible without China’s approval. So when China says it isn’t thrilled with the gross mismanagement of the Myanmar government/economy and its failure to at least pretend to reform, it seems plausible that some positive change may be on the horizon.


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