Fauxmocracy, Cote D’Ivoire Edition

5 Dec


Links/Thoughts-of-Others on the Ivory Coast Election + Aftermath

1.From Reuters via WSJ, a 2 minute summary of events (sorry I’m having trouble embedding this):


2. From Wronging Rights:

“Mind boggling results in the Ivory Coast presidential election. Alassane Ouattara, the opposition, won the most votes, but Laurent Gbagbo, has been declared the winner due to voting irregularities. The AP found at least one man who has been driven absolutely batshit by the turn of events.”
3. NYT frighteningly titled “2 Oaths of Office Taken in Ivory Coast

“The sovereignty of Côte d’Ivoire is what I am charged to defend,” he (Gbagbo) said. “Others must not trample on our sovereignty.” A country that “loses it,” he insisted, “becomes a country that is merely a vassal….

Hours later, his opponent, Alassane Ouattara, a former prime minister and banker, also swore himself in as president. His oath took the form of a handwritten letter on a plain sheet of paper to the Constitutional Council…

How he will get past the troops guarding the gate (of the presidential palace) was not clear.

4. From Al Jazeera’s Mohamed Vall, “Cote D’Ivoire on the Brink” (December 3rd):

Not the traditional type of coup against a sitting president, it’s rather a coup on the future one.

Now, this is perhaps one of those rare occasions in Africa where it’s the opposition that is supposedly rigging the elections while the regime plays the role of the victim and complains of fraud.

But the situation is really explosive in the particular case of Cote D’Ivoire. Less than a decade ago the country was engaged in a civil war over matters concerning democracy and elections….

If you look at the political situation in Cote D’Ivoire in the last few years, you can easily see signs of history repeating itself. Gbabgo, who came to power through a controversial victory has clung to that power for years and delayed the holding of elections for five years blaming it on lack of national stability. That delay was illegal and amounted to a kind of coup on democracy…

It’s shameful that two men who are both refined intellectuals and who claim to be nationalists should lead their nation into a potentially bloody conflict.

5. From Nina’s great blog Year of the Elephant! (on the ground in Abidjan — but safe and in her apartment)

A lack of consistently neutral information paired with an egregious lack of transparency in the democratic process has made the wait for most Ivoirians and even most foreigners unbearable. I have to say that I am pretty disappointed in the way that the international community has handled the situation mostly with respect to the way that information has been communicated…

Please keep the people of Cote d’Ivoire in your thoughts and your prayers for a peaceful end to this election.


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